Housing legalizations and AFOS

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Housing legalizations and AFOS

If you have a farmhouse or house on a rural plot we will help you to legalize it by carrying out an AFO so that you can get the title deed and have access to basic services.

Or if you have a home without a “First Occupation Licence” on urban land, we will process the “New Construction Certificate” to legalize your home.

If a Municipal File for illegal construction is already open against you, we can provide technical advice so that the matter is resolved with minimum detriment to you.

Most of the houses on rural plots are badly valued by the Land Registry and over charged. Let us advise you so that you only pay for what you really have.

We also have experience in “Proyectos de actuación” so that your home or construction is legalized, justifying that it is necessary for the farm of which it is part.

Call us and we will advise you.

  • Legalizations of homes or AFOS.
  • New Construction Certificates.
  • First Occupancy Licenses.
  • Reports for Illegal Construction.
  • Reports for the Land Registry.
  • Proyectos de actuación” to legalize houses on rural plots.